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Fund & Funding Public goods on the blockchain

& in our society

Investing in Our Community

Building up your community starts at home. Buying gas at a non-branded gas station. Purchasing Christmas toys at a local toy store, even when it's slightly more expensive than Amazon. The decisions we make have an impact.

It's important that we be good stewards of our community and by investing in the small businesses of our neighbors. For investment companies like ours, that means investing in the vision of San Diegians. For consumers, that means shopping, when at all possible, local.

We are also happy to give back to our local community in the form of grants for those behind on their rent, trying to right their financial ship, and recover from the devastating blow that Covid-19 had on the region's businesses. We have enjoyed substantial returns by investing in San Diego County businesses and are more than happy to share these resources with the good people that have demonstrated such commitment and resolve to pushing through bad times to reach a more prosperous tomorrow.

Our Mission


Invest in Quality People & Projects

Supporting the vision of visionaries.


Define & Encourage Their Vision

Offer supportive resources so founders can achieve their business' success milestones.


Return Value Back to the Community in the Form of Grants

Supporting the communities who have made our successful businesses thrive.

Communities We Serve

We serve the whole of San Diego County.

Changing the World Together

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